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Things Only Guys Will Understand

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Link To Article: In this episode I looked at things only guys will understand. Similar to struggles only men can relate to, these are some things girls will never understand. Check Out My Recommended Apps Here: https://www.gawkbox.com/reactiontime Subscribe For More: https://goo.gl/kCGuzH My Socials Challenge Channel: https://goo.gl/7SzkmZ Gaming Channel: https://goo.gl/DXe98c Instagram: https://goo.gl/dE1NaZ Twitter: https://goo.gl/mzAhj5 Facebook: https://goo.gl/sfF8sq Snapchat: TalFishy Friends Anthony Rivera: https://goo.gl/aiPp8k Michael Rosillo: https://goo.gl/QUB9x6
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Text Comments (10328)
Rose Ann Ramirez (7 hours ago)
I'm trying to understand this video
everything YT (8 hours ago)
I got all of dat and im a girl
i understand.
Unikatie (2 days ago)
How many girls watched this and understood everything
Heather Landreth (2 days ago)
I am a girl but I understand the urinal one cuz it's like u don't want people to look at your wewe
Carl Johnson (3 days ago)
I am the ultra rare shiny type of man who pees at the back 5:36
Livin the Dance Life (4 days ago)
I don’t belong here I’m a girl 😂
PortagasD. Sujal (4 days ago)
4:04 New Girl Scene
Max Lynn (4 days ago)
I have 12 brothers. I understand all of these.
Nevaeh Ochoa (5 days ago)
Im so confused and why were most of these bout the bathroom😂
Sadie's Corner (5 days ago)
I understand a few
Light Sprite (5 days ago)
Wow Anthony ........just........ Wow nice story 😅😆
Brianna Bailey (5 days ago)
lily234 (5 days ago)
Is it unfortunate I’m a girl and I underst- Oh wait I’m legit trans.
Whitney W (6 days ago)
Is it bad that I already knew all of this.... I'm a girl!
You do realises that sane means the opposite of insane?
Karla Bob (7 days ago)
I'm a girl : /
Ellie Martin (8 days ago)
1:54 Anthony's face 😂😔
Gary Sullivan (8 days ago)
At least my life isn't ruined
Oscar Velazquez (8 days ago)
If someone's next to me, I piss as loud as possible 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
"If four men hold it, it decently wont be straight." Is this a pun or an accenditental sexuality joke?
ManBun Lifestyle (8 days ago)
i’m type 2 man
Granny gaming (8 days ago)
When i was peeing and this guy came and look at my d**k
Kaylee Boucher (9 days ago)
I understand them all and im female
Chihiro Nishida (9 days ago)
the footprint pic is actually a guy doing a side step
ryker Mathews (10 days ago)
ryker Mathews (10 days ago)
Poor talk sitting down to piss
SIREN nightcores (10 days ago)
4:37 im not a guy im a girl... but i do that XD
Savannah Elek (10 days ago)
I'm a girl and i understand every thing because i have a man
Noor Hamad (10 days ago)
I don't get these at all
M ia (10 days ago)
3:52 🤣
M ia (10 days ago)
Kali Brown (11 days ago)
3:56 what was that face Tal
Daryissaplayz 231 (11 days ago)
I take like a minute to shop because I'm not that Fancy as people say... In fact I'm a tomboy!
Daryissaplayz 231 (11 days ago)
I got the no history one because I always delete mine!
Austin Rodriguez (12 days ago)
C4n y0u r3ad th12? Y0u 4r3 m461c.
Princess NightDread (13 days ago)
Im just watching this to see if I understand boys... Like if you are too... OwO
The Cooky (13 days ago)
Im a girl and i only get 60% of the vids. What the steps mean? Im so freakin clueless!
jasmin hartsough (14 days ago)
im a girl I I know all of these things bc I have a dirty mind if you come up to me and say im tapind , doing it or my thing ill start laughing I hse a dirty mind
Artic Wolf (14 days ago)
Ima girl
karter jones (14 days ago)
On 5:23 when im at school im on the right but at home im on the left
Makensie Thibodeaux (14 days ago)
-first one- *girls have left the chat*
mateo b (14 days ago)
in the bathroom in my school we have 3 urinals and i sat in the middle one and my friends legit hated me
Lily Creason (15 days ago)
Weirdly I understood all of these..
Rebecca Taylor (15 days ago)
Your not a guy luna you wish tho😝
Rebecca Taylor (15 days ago)
Hahaha! this video is so funny!
galaxy girl (16 days ago)
Actually i understand all
Lillie Camryn (16 days ago)
She shower one I DEFFINETLY understand. I’m still a teenager and 6,4
Pro Skiller (16 days ago)
How many of y'all think the vids are funniest with mike and Anthony
Annalea Henuset (17 days ago)
Guys make no sense
Miles Geyer (17 days ago)
The clearing history thing girls have to worry about to
Hind Maria (17 days ago)
Im a girl🤣🤣🤣
Paige Fishman (18 days ago)
Tal always used to say these things to his friends I always used to take Tal to the movies and he used to always cry.... good memories 😂
Miraculous Ladybug (18 days ago)
I would chose sane and attractive then wait until she breaks up with the man and so on
Mr.Hater (18 days ago)
I grew up with four men in my house i know what they mean but i am a girl
Spicy Ramen Noodles (18 days ago)
How many people here are girls ??
August og Casper (18 days ago)
I think im gal
A.M.M bot (19 days ago)
I'm a boy and I don't understand
Marjorie Lyn Alfaro (19 days ago)
Caden Burke (19 days ago)
long story short tals dick is long
Ella Becerra (20 days ago)
At my school we have slap ass Friday
Gamer Girl 1 (20 days ago)
I only understand some of these so ima girl
Editz c: (21 days ago)
I haven't thought of so many ding dongs in one YouTube video.
Joan Gudino (24 days ago)
Tal insane is crazy not sane
Bryson Warner (24 days ago)
0:12 The start to Ram ranch
At 5:40 I’m cringing so hard because I’m a girl and the seat isn’t up 😣
Amber Parkins (26 days ago)
I started to scream cause I'm afraid of the dark
Amber Parkins (26 days ago)
One time I took so long in the bathroom at roller tree that the lights turned off
•Head Phone Actor• (26 days ago)
*I understood everything and I'm a girl.* *Was I born to be a boy :^*
Aseese Sidhu (26 days ago)
Girls can relate to the footprint one when they're on their period.
Ethan W (27 days ago)
3:06 no no, if four men hold it won’t be straight 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying
Habiba Easmin (27 days ago)
1:23 mine is so much bigger👅🍆
Futuristic Beagle (28 days ago)
2:40 “that explains the divorce now doesn’t it?”
GoWatcher (28 days ago)
2:46 oh my god! Thats my parents’ life
Erick Perez (29 days ago)
That music intro haha hear it on the radio 😂😂😂😂😂😂
DatKPOP (29 days ago)
I usto have a guy friend and we were really close so that’s how I know these
Hask Grad (30 days ago)
I’m glad i’m A girl
nutella (30 days ago)
I would choose attractive and single.... But im not a guy *wierd*
Kevin_ Dat_kid (1 month ago)
Peeing with a boner is harder than giving birth
Ahmad Graham (1 month ago)
Jadyn Wiles (1 month ago)
Sane means NOT insane
Jadyn Wiles (1 month ago)
I understand everything and I’m a girl Some of you guys are disgusting jk your all amazing
Alex Mcghin (1 month ago)
Drop a like if u get it. Wen a guy squats down a few inches
Trisha Schoonover (1 month ago)
at 2:18 I understood it right away...but I am a girl...sigh...most of my friends are dudes..i only have 2 friends that are girls...lol
ItsAudrina Goostva! (1 month ago)
I'm a girl and I understand.....maybe because I have 3 brothers....?
Paula Rincon (1 month ago)
3:48 According to what I think a man would have chosen "CHOOSE TWO" at least my brother 🤣🤣🤣
Maddi L. (1 month ago)
Why did I get the one at 4:33 before Michael and Anthony got it even though I'm a girl P.S I'm that one person in the comments that uses correct grammar XD
GamerCat OfTheWorld (1 month ago)
I'm watching this on a Friday on 2019
Josie Carvajal Kossnar (1 month ago)
yo... I'M A GIRL AND I GOT THAT!!!!!!!!!
김대현 (1 month ago)
I thought I was weird. I guess Im most guilty on the part where I don't wanna let people hear me pissing 😂
The 8-bit Cave (1 month ago)
It’s not fair because girls usually understand more than boys so we should only have things that boys understand But who cares ok.?
Pretty Kitty (1 month ago)
Lol this is making me laugh so much lolololo
zoob epic (1 month ago)
im a girl and i understand
NightmareFoxy192 (1 month ago)
So funy
ross geller (1 month ago)
what if a girl understands ???like my sis
Gabriella Hinzano (1 month ago)
What a bit can understand s girl can understand better... well that's if she's smarter than him or more knowledgeable😂😂
I N V I S I B L E (1 month ago)
*oH wOw, MiNe Is So MuCh BiGgEr ThAn YoUrs*
Baby Paisa (1 month ago)
Tal should make a drawing story of how he met Anthony and Michael. Draw my life!

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