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Funny Guys!

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Funny Pics of the rasmus, the 69 eyes, deathstars, dani flth, negative, him, uniklubi....
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Text Comments (8)
Ahti Jansson (8 years ago)
why should'nt people have fun sometimes
Sandra Rosicka (9 years ago)
funny <3333 Jonne 333
Ooo Oooo (9 years ago)
1:09 my god, what a fuckin horse face
shaman (9 years ago)
0:19 Dani? :D
kamelia dimitrova (10 years ago)
0:19 omg :D
Sonni L. (10 years ago)
the pic on 0:46 oO its so hot.:Jussi is fucking sexy..Tahdon rakastella Sinua <3<3<3<3<3<3
Aïda Marzà (11 years ago)
LoL!!!! xD
Rasmusalma (11 years ago)
Who is the peplo in the pictures ....I was in the Rasmus..

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