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Tropical Style, Ficus Bonsai, Oct 2015

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After picking the front of the tree, I prune and wire the basic structure. The next phase will be to grow the rounded profile to give the tree a more tropical look. This is the second video of this tree, check the playlist section of the channel to see the first video.
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obalajadia (1 year ago)
Hi Nigel, another great video from old files. May I ask if you could make a video of your top 10 most favourite bonsain, and explain why and/or tell their history? I reckon this is going to be difficult, considering you have so many great memorable trees in your collection.
I'll try and do a top ten video this year! Thanks.
Elisabeth Serrano (2 years ago)
Hello, i really love your bonsai videos. do i always need a bonsai pot to start with the plant?
I'm not sure I could pick a favorite! I like all the weird and strange plants the best, things you don't see everyday!
Elisabeth Serrano (2 years ago)
thank you so much to replay to me,i just love you show i can watch it over,over again,you must be a passion Natur lover. what is your favorite garden plant for full sun?
No many bonsai live most of there life in just regular nursery pots or wooden boxes. It is not until the tree is show ready that it needs to go into a nice bonsai pot.
a p Singh Singh (2 years ago)
sir, is possible to grow ficus by cutting ?
Yes, check out Vinny's channel, he has the best channel for starting cuttings in water! https://www.youtube.com/user/VinnyChirayil/videos
Philip DALE (2 years ago)
I am a new viewer but apart from having the camera in the wrong place and a change of mind halfway through. First you wanted a downward flow then you end up having the branch upward. But dont worry I, 'll keep watching. After all it can only get better.
Vince Vengeance (1 year ago)
philips dale, which part of the video do you mean?? where he want downward flow but ended up having the branch upward?
Thanks Philip, I keep trying to improve!
Bonsai CHANNEL (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing the video
Flowerdoodle2 (2 years ago)
You're a great bonsai maker but your vids suck and are painfully ineffective because the viewer cant see what you're doing.
+Tyler Tisher Thanks Tyler, I think the videos are slowly getting better, some of the early ones are a bit rough!
Tyler Tisher (2 years ago)
Don't worry Nigel, your videos suck so bad I've only been watching them hours and hours for the past week. :)
Flowerdoodle2 (2 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders sorry, they don't suck but it would be better if you had someone else filming--to zoom in on the intricate work. You describe what you're doing and talk as if we can see what you're doing and we can't.
Your so right and thanks for the comment! Now my life is meaningless, full of depression and emptiness.
Sarah Lucas (3 years ago)
I have a question: would you happen to know how tall my dwarf ficus Benjamin bonsai tree will grow?
+Artsy Sarah A regular leaf Ficus can grow up to 60 feet tall and cover acres of property. The small leaf varieties grow with less vigor, but I have seen some of the very tiny leaf ones get a 6 inch diameter trunk and grow 15 feet tall. Maybe someone from the tropics can help on this question.
Eric Larson (3 years ago)
Great job.I appreciate how you explain the "Why" in what you are doing.Very informative.I have a ficus with a sparse canopy.Any idea on how to get back budding to occur.I have got new growth towards the branch ends by pinching new buds ,but I want it to fill in better.Thanks.
+Eric Larson You may have to let it grow to gain lots of vigor, then cut it back hard to start your canopy down lower and begin building you ramification for the crown.
Jack Earley (3 years ago)
Good morning Nigel, the timing of this video is very helpful, I had to have some ficus to work on this next month or two. Do you have Trident Maple in your collection, if so, would be interested to see you style those trees. Thank you for the time you take to prepare the videos, Jack
+Jack Earley Hi Jack, no I don't have a trident maple. They are hard to find around these parts. I would like to have one, I'll start looking!
Godwin Desierto (3 years ago)
hi Nigel, nice video again, as i seen in others bonsai video those trunk you cut can be move in other direction and put it in the nice angle to see, but anyway its your way of styling your bonsai and still end beautiful.
+Godwin Desierto I was hoping to be able to keep more branches and structure, but not many of them were in good locations. I think as the tree grows I'll slowly be able to get the styling closer to that of a ficus look. Time will tell! Thanks for your input!
Barnabás Veres (3 years ago)
Hi Nigel! Good job again! :) I like your new workplace also :) How about the frozen one? Is it in good condition? And last but not least, I am interested in, whether your lemon tree is growing well and when will be the next cut? :)
Barnabás Veres (3 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders Thank you for your answear. I wish you good luck! :) As I read, I have to wait until next summer or probably fall to see the tree. Make videos as much as you can :)
+Veres Barnabás The ficus that got partially frozen is still alive and doing well. It hasn't sprouted any new shoots yet, hopefully in spring, it will start to grow with vigor. I almost cut the lemon tree back again, but I'm going to leave it grow until the new growth gets woody. The three leaders grew well this summer, but I can let them grow more, until they get to a ridiculous height, then I'll cut them back.
Carving Bonsai (3 years ago)
que bela planta, que belas raízes aéreas... parabéns pela dedicação meu amigo... abraço
+Carving Bonsai Obrigado , a árvore tem um longo caminho a percorrer antes que ele se parece com uma árvore ficus maduro, mas é um começo
BonsaiMoldova (3 years ago)
Do you activated money generation on your account? Earlier i didn't see adsenses on your videos.
+ak50gunit Good to know, thanks!
BonsaiMoldova (3 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders well, i made a confusion, because i wrote a comment before looking whole video. I just have seen the "yellow points" on the time bar in video and wrote the comment, but when i arrived to the yellow point, no publicity had appeared.
+ak50gunit No, I'm not signed up for monetization, I want to keep the channel as commerial free as possible. I hope the pop up ads are just the normal ones that come with YouTube.

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