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How to Find the Sum, Difference, Product or Quotient : Grade School Math Questions

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehoweducation Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehoweducation Finding the sum, difference, product and quotient is something that you do by examining two key numbers. Find the sum, difference, product or quotient with help from an expert in computers in this free video clip. Expert: Stefan Robert Filmmaker: Alexis Guerreros Series Description: Grade school math can still encompass some pretty advanced topics. Learn about answers to grade school math questions with help from an expert in computers in this free video series.
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Text Comments (82)
Chloe Lau (5 days ago)
This helped me alot
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
he's so stupid
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
so sum blah blah blah
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
im atta here
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
Adam Mahmoud (6 days ago)
Rebecca Kurtis-Pomeroy (13 days ago)
Great idea using the same numbers to demonstrate the different outcomes. Thanks!
Lilly Stefanic (21 days ago)
This was really helpful 😊👍
sanskriti chauhan (26 days ago)
Aangreji keeda
sanskriti chauhan (26 days ago)
But teaching is good
sanskriti chauhan (26 days ago)
ISMAEL FLORES (3 months ago)
Simple.. thanks.
Mystery dust 113 (3 months ago)
WHY do you look nervous? Oh and your teaching is good thx for telling me
LiL Spa (4 months ago)
how can u write the other way round
kevin payne (4 months ago)
Alcase (6 months ago)
Thank you I needed this
Marcus Estrada (7 months ago)
Marcus Estrada (7 months ago)
I Mean 0:10
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
dont understand
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
no point in smiling
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
you were embaresed
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
Zahid Ninjj (7 months ago)
that was good.helped alot
Extinct Meme (7 months ago)
Yes thank you if it hadn't of been you I would have been in Walmart and then there would have been a tornado and then we would have all died but thenks to you we have been saved
Cousins Family Vlogs (9 months ago)
best video ever man so clear and I found out what product means!
TheGlobeGame (9 months ago)
Thank you very much you are the best teacher ever
ALTA ESCUELA (10 months ago)
I needed help on a math problem and this video helped me
M Ralph (11 months ago)
Makayla Salvatore (11 months ago)
this helped me a lot thank you
yBrian Blash (1 year ago)
Wat if it 768
Killabeez2246 (1 year ago)
This vid is so much better than all the others, the other vids don’t tell us what sum and other things they just do weird math questions that they don’t explain right
grace ezekwere (1 year ago)
Great job
Reach (1 year ago)
Did you have any apps of ehow education
Reach (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot
Obiageli Okonkwo (5 months ago)
please in finding the product is it plus or minus
Yay I'm doing my math homework :D
Jami Carouthers (1 year ago)
yall all to know what this stuff is dumb self
I Love my tutor (1 year ago)
His teaching is good
Delorse Benz (4 months ago)
He is amazing He could be an online teacher.😁
Aleah Olbo (1 year ago)
I don't get it I'm so confused
Hailey (1 year ago)
Nice teaching
Zyrille Blane (1 year ago)
thank you so much for making this video
SMOKE WEED Everyday (1 year ago)
Omg 666 illuminati confirmed
Amat Csay (4 months ago)
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!
Ikran Ahmed (1 year ago)
Find the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Daniel Martinez (1 year ago)
You are good
Daniel Martinez (1 year ago)
You are bad
khushal vekaria (1 year ago)
Ikran Ahmed I'm suppose to revise
Rainy Mina (1 year ago)
It's me Yes. Me (2 years ago)
His math teaching is ok but the way he explains is terrible. His mouth looks like he can't open talk.
SCR3AM BO1 (3 months ago)
slink drizzle bitch it’s a comment how can you hear it? 😂
SCR3AM BO1 (3 months ago)
ღ ItzKawaiiQueen ღ how? It’s not rude it’s truthful. Our generation is going to fail because everybody thinks being truthful is rude.
ღ ItzKawaiiQueen ღ (3 months ago)
SCR3AM BO1 (5 months ago)
ALTA ESCUELA what are you gonna do? Make some more mad emojis
ALTA ESCUELA (10 months ago)
Be kind 😡😡😡😡😡👿👿
yoyoyoyoyoyooyoyyo ehow ehow ehow or ihaw? peace out!
xxxGohan (2 years ago)
thanks you you help me i have a quiz monday
princess adu (2 years ago)
this video is really good, it helped me do my home work easier
Riot Worsley (2 years ago)
this just saved my life tbh
me no
jamil1985 (2 years ago)
Excellent! These words confused me, now after watching this video I understand what it means the same functions used to find the result.
my sis only
FloofyDragon uwu (2 years ago)
Very helpful!!! thank you!
unreal gamz (2 years ago)
Fuck the dislikers this guy is so GOOD
MeLoL1 O (3 years ago)
Thanks alot! Now I can do my revision for my exam which is on Sunday!! :(
ohhh so a sum is addishon
It's me Yes. Me (2 years ago)
Reyvon1204 (2 years ago)
omg I don't even know what a sum even is
Regis Morvens (4 months ago)
It is addition
Yunus Woodard (3 years ago)
thanks for the video i understand what a quotient is
Kyle HORIzON (3 years ago)
thank you as well I didn't get the product supposed to mean last year's homrwork was hard numbers times letters it was confusing lol thank you very much
AdamAtVlog (3 years ago)
thank you very much now i can do my home work

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