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The Bathroom Stall/Airport Stories Animated

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This is an animation I made from Mr. Nightmare's Video: '4 Scary TRUE Airport Horror Stories' You can watch the rest of the stories here: https://youtu.be/_b0VXNTeIhQ Please send stories to [email protected] Twitter - https://twitter.com/llama_arts Support the channel Merch - https://llamaarts.fanfiber.com/ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/llamaarts Amazon links USA - https://www.amazon.com/?tag=llamaarts-20 UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/?tag=llamaarts-21 Canada - https://www.amazon.ca/?tag=llamaarts06-20 Germany - https://www.amazon.de/?tag=llamaarts01-21 Spain - https://www.amazon.es/?tag=llamaarts0c-21 France - https://www.amazon.fr/?tag=llamaarts0e-21 Italy - https://www.amazon.it/?tag=llamaarts0b-21 **Use of any audio or affiliated animations of these videos on any other social media website without expressed permission is a direct violation of copyright law and will be pursued.**
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Text Comments (6876)
Jose Tajiboy (5 hours ago)
Disney Grace14 (14 hours ago)
BRAYDEN BUGATTI (2 days ago)
I'm so addicted to your videos
Nikola Popović (2 days ago)
Zar nije mogao da saceka da udje u avion
Ram Rane (2 days ago)
Dude that was mr beast asking u to subscribe to pewdiepie😂😂
eerijoh7 (3 days ago)
Does that thin corridor and bathroom actually exist at JFK airport? If so I would like to see a photo of it
I nearly shat myself
Genevieve.B (3 days ago)
Welcome to the comment section you Amy hide here if you are afraid. We have snacks 🍟🍕🍔🌭🥔! Drinks🥤☕️🥛! Blankets and pillows! And much more! Come stay in the comment section!
dejulian0172 ll (4 days ago)
I laughed so hard I almost cried😂
dejulian0172 ll (4 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
Sadia islam (4 days ago)
Jezzie Hardy (6 days ago)
Am I the only one noticing all the shadows are characters from previous videos?
Anthony Malgioglio (7 days ago)
I subscribed
SuperM Gamer (8 days ago)
vice versa (9 days ago)
I watch these boring fake stories now n then. they help me go to sleep
nonochan yeppoyo (10 days ago)
Does the JFK airport bathroom truly exist?
AYingg Games (12 days ago)
1:42 whats that music called?
Purple Spartan (12 days ago)
This one is nice and scary! Thanks!
Eugene Cloete (12 days ago)
scary .But I loooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr it.❤❤❤❤
lakoia mohika (15 days ago)
Same i hate when people could hear me going ill legit wait hours for someone to leev. 😂😂
Jim Harper (16 days ago)
The scariest thing in this story is the public bathroom
allaniss (16 days ago)
great story needed a climax though
Taner Sen (16 days ago)
At 2:31 I was dying laughing
Just Divinity (17 days ago)
People need privacy!! What a stalker... 😒
Online Gaming Pro (17 days ago)
You guys also notice Anthony and the “Sleepover Stories” kid runnin’?
tina editsscx (18 days ago)
Is this your 1m celebration how you edit your animation? This is so GOOD AWESOME BEAUTIFUL PERFECT MOVIE ANIMATION❤️
Brianna Hidalgo (18 days ago)
This was actually what I went throw 3 months ago but with 2 stalks and I asked my mom to go with me. She said yes and we both saw the man and mum said: OH HELL NO YOU WANT ME TO BEAT YOU WITH MY FLIP FLOP HUH?!? He ran out in 1 second 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MLG GamePlays! (18 days ago)
I thought the plane A380 Stalled
Swaon (18 days ago)
No one wanders how this type of stuff happens in an airport that is heavily secured throughout? Weird
Lord Amanojaku (18 days ago)
2:33 *creepy guy peering into my bathroom stall* Me: hello! Did you enjoy watching me pee?
Aesthetic Rose (19 days ago)
I don't wanna go to the bathroom anymore.
HollyTree (19 days ago)
He didn't even get to go!
KpopXLovers (20 days ago)
I can't go to the bathroom now ;-;
Thomas Gray (20 days ago)
Why not go on the plane
Niswah Layyinah (20 days ago)
Dumb dude
MelinaLovesCats 123 (21 days ago)
the fricking music!!
Jalen Gauthier (22 days ago)
Florida airports, always have a bathroom line
Just Juls (22 days ago)
Y do I always watch these at night
Poison dart Frog (22 days ago)
He peed his pants lol
Ninja Kitty (22 days ago)
The honeymoon murder,two newlyweds and were finally married in Las Vegas and they went to a honeymoon in Europe,we stay in the old abandoned mansion in Scotland,she asked my husband and they wanted to have a baby to start a new life,later that night,she was making love in a bathtub and then she heards a girly evil laugh in the middle of foggy outside,but there was a creepy cloak and she banging on the door and her husband open the door,they was a bloody wedding dress girl,and she calls the police and she said “there’s a guy in a paper bag head with a chainsaw and he murdered my ex-husband tommy while I was in attending honeymoon in a creepy honeymoon campsite and I pregnant.”her name mavis and she was pregnant and we connected with detective dr.loops and tell her what happen about your husband and your honeymoon,two weeks later mavis she sent away to mental institution for girls only in England,put mavis she had water broke and she having a labor,and the baby was born,mavis she died of childbirth and her newborn baby look after they surrogate parents.
Aglae Gacha_lover (23 days ago)
You should just go to the plane toilet because it’s less creepy
Gracelyn Jia (23 days ago)
No way I am in New York and came from Florida from JFK!
kwai person (23 days ago)
Ok... I dont know what to say.... So... Anyone here is an army and blink?
Uy Hu (24 days ago)
The story of a peeping tom
Ariane Bautista (24 days ago)
You saw it coming, but you still shrieked 😩
Jia Liu (24 days ago)
Ima bring a potty next time to a airport
Briahna Tupou (24 days ago)
Lol basically all my friends tell me to make noise while they’re in the toilet coz they don’t want anybody to hear 😂
Dutch Van Der Linde (24 days ago)
2:29 omg thats Frankenstein lost brother
Lylah Nell (25 days ago)
This is literally Mr nightmare, I have listened to these on his channel🤨
Freya Evans (25 days ago)
You copied Chills
spindalis79 (26 days ago)
"Good morning U.S.A....."
MICHALINA montalto (26 days ago)
the guy who was looking at him was GAY
minji chan (27 days ago)
Well its just another creepy man peeking.
Grilled Cheeze (27 days ago)
This stuff should be a series on Adult Swim
Ann Hetz (27 days ago)
I want to no why someone would go down a dark hall way to go to the bathroom I sure wouldn't
Elvin1337 (27 days ago)
Ok, I know this is in the past but cmon man. Should’ve at least notified police. What if the dude hurt someone else or had other messed up intentions? Just saying, that’s seriously mental that you’d pick your pride over safety.
THB_ youngboy (27 days ago)
U have the perfect story telling voice
Malakai Catlin (27 days ago)
I would of knocked the hell out of him
RSS N ABOUT (27 days ago)
Hi guys I’m Brandon I’m a little gay but ok. I like men text me
Zhu Xuedan (28 days ago)
The creepy dude is a pervert and gay
My life is byuntae (28 days ago)
Omg what jfk airport!!!!wowow i always go there when i travel
BlazinM savage (28 days ago)
3:06 when someone catches me in the shower😂😂
Black Mage Supremacy (28 days ago)
I have a horror story in a similar area: EVERY STALL HAD POOP IN IT!
Tommy Thompson (29 days ago)
me to
Zair 7 (30 days ago)
my nigga, just punch the dude
LMBO Studios (30 days ago)
2:30 You Perve
Commander Tazer (30 days ago)
Did these incidents actually happen to people in real life? That's my question.
John Kimber (1 month ago)
He just wanted to lick n suck on dat cock, that's all
Mei Chen (1 month ago)
The last airplane flight I ever been on was when i was 5 years old to go to china to united state I was young that time but I still remember it clearly whole waiting to land I was looking out the window the airplane land to our stop at night I ate a noodle and I saw many passengers and the bathroom of the place the I met my parents and I last saw the airport when we were driving away with my cousins I'm 14 year old now so that's my childhood story that I remember after watching this video .
Momo Plays (1 month ago)
I’m in a bathroom right now so um not watching this right now
Thats so creepyyyy
Jmobile (1 month ago)
Is the private bathroom actually in jfk airport?
Hola Pola (1 month ago)
Nani the fuck!?
emilycupcakegirl (1 month ago)
You:I always make sure nobody is in the bathroom so they can’t hear me going Me:Your not alone I no that too at school
Shane Zwack (1 month ago)
not so scery he is a weirdo tho.
Not Verbッ (1 month ago)
Aura Khaos (1 month ago)
Omg, I'm the same way in public restrooms! I hate when someone else is in there, and its just completely silent, so the other person can listen to your stream.
Shreeshay Desai (1 month ago)
Bhai ye same story i am rocker kar ke AK Banda hai usne copy Kiya hai same
NOT Nathan (1 month ago)
Press this 2 or 3 times 0:18
sinc_07 (1 month ago)
Holy fuck I shat myself
Sxeptil (1 month ago)
2:12 I would of just kick the door open and run xd
lj (1 month ago)
0:20 That girl walking in the background 😂
I’m Ugly (9 days ago)
lj how is it funny
lj (1 month ago)
0:53 That look is so... sketchy
that guy wanted to see him naked...tf?
Emrys (1 month ago)
Lol grab my boy run up in the bathroom kick his ass
Its y'all girl Fatimah (1 month ago)
2:31 I couldn't even go to sleep after that😂😂 like if you thought that to you don't have to you and just comment or do whatever
Rhydian Jones (1 month ago)
2:08 Finger in your Mouth after touching a Dirty Public Bathroom Door ("Sick-Emoji"). Well you have Someone's S*it in your Gob 😂 x
Dennis Dew (1 month ago)
Does anyone else make sure no one is in the bathroom to use it
Choco Cookie (1 month ago)
Maya Is Life 1107 (1 month ago)
I have a creepy story i called the bathroom stall as well.
Prestyn Griffis (1 month ago)
Well I wouldn't have even gone down the hallway.
guava juice (1 month ago)
Da the sound is YEET scary
guava juice (1 month ago)
The GamingPros (1 month ago)
I never thought a bathroom stall would be scary
Its Class YT (1 month ago)
What happen to his voice?
Tony K (1 month ago)
He said I ventured because she was extremely nice.... Was it because she was extremely nice or because u needed a fucking piss urgently lmao
Freddy Krueger (1 month ago)
Man I'm never going to public toilets again from now on I'm just gonna use my toilet at home 😱😱😱
Priscilla Ton (1 month ago)
I will never go to a bathroom in an isolated area, you Never know what will happen.
Ross the Chihuahua (1 month ago)
School picture guy: Smile! Me: 2:29

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