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5 alberta spruce bonsai tree styles pt 2

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part 2 of my most in depth videos on how to create different styles of bonsai trees using the same species of trees... almost any tree or bush can be trained to whatever style of bonsai type you want it to be but some trees are already headed in certain directions naturally by mother nature ... so i basically took what direction i felt the trees where already headed in and would lend themselves to a certain style... as i learn more with each tree i work on i find it easier to make decisions on which direction to head with each tree... i hope you guys will also find it easier to see the potential in your trees... if one already has most of it's growth cascading downward then it makes sense to style it in a cascade style.. the same goes for a tree that is growing straight up with good taper to style it in a standard upright style... some trees or bushes have so much movement and branching that you just have to make a decision on which way to go... maybe you just pic your favorite style and go with it...
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Loren Woodson (4 months ago)
Much appreciated part 1 of dwarf alberta spruce ... I like your thinking out loud as you work and to see the little guy take shape ... seems like good camera angle also. Thanks!
Bass n' Bonsai (4 months ago)
Loren Woodson no problem thank you
Phillip Le (9 months ago)
how much for a japanese maple tree if you are sale ?
Bass n' Bonsai (9 months ago)
Phillip Le i only have one at the moment and it's not for sale
mukesh patel (11 months ago)
you shouldnt have cut off the apex, you should have AIR LAYERED THE APEX
Bass n' Bonsai (11 months ago)
mukesh patel yeah i might try that on another tree...
Maggie Rezac (1 year ago)
Congrats Charlie on hitting that 2,000 mark! Rock on!
Arc Turus (1 year ago)
The one with the crazy twist at the bottom could be laid over at 90 degrees and only hav foliage at the top literati style using the bend to get it positioned.
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
Arc Turus yes lots of possibilities
Kalista Hall (1 year ago)
The first one, you really improved the taper a lot
Maggie Rezac (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m50s22fovrA&lc=z22wgn2h3pjcu11hh04t1aokgzlgixvgvianfyd5frwlrk0h00410.1509947725568121 Hey BnB! Found this great video of the wintering over process yesterday & have made another new friend!
Maggie Rezac (1 year ago)
Hey BnB! Thank you! Been waiting for part 2 of this series. Hmmm. I've never seen a conifer as a broom-style so looking forward to seeing that one come to fruition. I did find a nice twin trunk in one of my books & they had chopped the 2nd trunk at the usual 1/3 down point for better definition. And then those Literatis, {bunjin}, one of them appeared to me to be the beginnings of a slant style, perhaps? Beautiful trees & great instructions, as usual. And then comes the wintering over... Hai! Ganbatte Kudasai!
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
Maggie Rezac thanks
Don Callander (1 year ago)
You might want to consider a sheet or other plain background when styling. With the other dense foliage in the background it is difficult to see some of the definition.
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
Don Callander yeah im still working on that.. used a sheet in previous videos
kay gulpen (1 year ago)
The formal upright tree is awesome! They are named picea glauca though?
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
kay gulpen thanks..
Loyce March (1 year ago)
See you can not hear me. Love the root, trim bottoms off ... clean between tops. Later you can put a birdhouse or lol fort in between. Lol. You are doing good work.
Loyce March (1 year ago)
I was crying. No leave the top so you have a tall pine. But it is cute. Needs a rock.
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
Loyce March thanks
ELITE BASS STICK (1 year ago)
Awesome vid as always!💯💪👊LET'S GO!!!
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)

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